Door Lock Replacement

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Some jerk had to decided to try to break into my car, and try to do this by jamming a big flat-head screwdriver into the passenger door lock. So thus, it didn't work. But left me with a practically inoperable door lock. Which, for me, while dating, was a pretty bad deal, that I could not open the door for my date. Anyways, here you have two options.

1. Dealer = $137.50

You can go to the dealer, and they quoted me $137.50 (2003) for me to give them my VIN and directly from Germany, they would have one made and shipped.


2. eBay & Locksmith = ~$30

Ah ha! It's so easy to find literally hundreds of people parting out their cars on ebay. Just email a few, and soon enough, someone will email back and ship their handle to you for less then $20 shipped. Now take this with your key to your trusty locksmith(a good one, the ones that can make good keys, and for $10-$20 he'll rekey it to your key, no problem. So for less than $40, you can get a brand new lock, etc. This also works for tumblers, etc.

Replacing this handle, it pretty intuitive, I did it, with my limited knowledge.

When you get it in the mail, you don't need to take it apart, just give that lock and your key to the locksmith and ask him to work his mojo on it. I've heard of some people getting quotes of over $100 to have this done. Sheesh! Find someone else. You usually have to find someone that can also cut these old Mercedes Steel Keys. They know how to do stuff.