Fix your rust rainbows!

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Rust Rainbows:

I had three to take care of here.

1. The first step is to sand away or grind away until you get to the shinny metal. This is where the rust stops and the metal starts. If your rust rainbows, were are bad as mine, you will go right through the bottom of them, right into your door. Use your rotor and various bids to get it all down to the metal.

This was my biggest one. Mid sanding .Click to Enlarge.

2. Now you apply the Bondo or equivalent. I got a sparkling clean tuna-fish can, and I suppose anything small will work. You add about 4tablesoons of bondo, then 1 teaspoon of the RED hardener, and mix up quick. You only have about 4 minutes before this stuff gets hard and unusable.

3. Put the bondo all over the hold and around the metal. Be liberal, this stuff sands off easy. You want it to be smooth.

I had the problem, that the holes were too big initially. Some say you can get some wire mesh, or even aluminum tape and put it inside your car door where the hole is to provide a kind of "wall". I just waited a little while until it was a little harder, and added some more. It worked perfect.

4. Then wait a a little while. Bondo doesn't take too long to get bone dry and hard. Maybe go back and apply some touch-up-paint to all your chips. While this dries.

5. Now you can sand it down, SMOOTH!. this is picture of it, after I sanded it down. I then scrubbed or just wiped away some of the excess stuff, like that little left arm of bondo you see on the left.

6. Now you can prime it, and it's right about time for lunch. So wait a few hours, and do some other work on the benz or whatever.

7. Now you can paint away! I used lots of paint on the brush, 1" strokes, smooth. That seemed to work best, though it took a long time.

Here is the pre-finished product: (Click to enlarge)

And you can see the other finished product from other two doors I did:

It doesn't look perfect right now, but it looks a lot better that before! In a few days, I'll sand it, and polish it up, then it'll look better.

I did this project May 14, 2005