Wood Shifter

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Ah, to get rid of that plasticy shifter knob into something super smooooth... mmmm... Project Summary - Replace Shifter Difficulty Scale 2 Parts Cost $60 Labor Time 30 minutes Wood is good.

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This is a very easy job, you will just need some of your basic tools.

1. Take off that little plastic cover that's bordering your shifter.

2. Take out your ash-tray

3. Behind your ashtray, you will see two screws. Take this out too.

4. Now you can carefully lift up the entire wood section to reveal the yummy goodness inside. Inside you will find a bolt to remove the old shifter. While you're down here, remove any pennies that have fallen into the hole.

5. Twist back on your new shifter, and adjust it so that it's aligned with the car.

6. Screw it back on.

7. Install all the old stuff again.