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Project Box
Part Number(s): 9002034895
Part Cost: ~$50
Best Place to buy: Standard Places
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $
Difficulty Level: 7-8
How long it may take: 3+ hours
Frequency: Once
Tools needed:
Special tools needed: NEED: 19mm Hex (Snapon makes one for $43 - SAM19E)
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Here in the cold winters of Utah (elevation ~4400 ft/1340M) an engine block heater is oh-so-nice. With my car, it was funny, I had a heater block cord installed, but no heater!! Weird!

Breaker-bar & "Cheater" bar (The height of you, just a big long strong pipe to use in conjunction with your breaker bar)

The engine block heater is located on the passenger size of the engine.

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1. Drain the coolant

2. Remove the air box, and the 2 heat shields. (remember how they go on)

Wrench your arm way deep down inside the engine, and feel where there is a 19mm ish hex indentation.

3. Put the 19MM hex on the plug, then attach the the breaker bar.

4. Unscrew the plug (this took the longest for me! - I tried heating up the engine and everything to get it broke, but with my breaker bar and cheater pipe and Dave, my neighbor, we FINALLY did it!)

5. Put some Flux on the new heater plug's threads

6. Screw back in

7. Plug the cord into the newly installed heater plug

8. Put coolant back in

9. Plug into wall socket and listen for slight hiss to insure working (or this can be done before you install it)

10. Put heatsheilds and then airbox back in.

11. Use Zip-Ties to tie the cord to various parts of the engine, MAKE SURE there is no possible way that the cord could ever get to the ground through diesel vibration and wear out pavement. (I learned from sad experience)

12. Enjoy much faster starting in the winter.

I think this is about 800 watts, and I've heard it takes about 4 hour to warm up as hot as it can get, so use a timer, or if electricity is no con$equence, plug in overnight. It sure it nice putting the key in and the car is already at 40 degrees C!.

Here is another style of engine block heater, which looks a lot easier to install! http://www.dieselgiant.com/mercedesblockheaterinstall.htm Buy it there