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Project Box
Part Number(s): Bosch # SR 67 X, Late Ver. 2.2Kw SR61X
Part Cost: ~$100
Best Place to buy: Ebay really is the best on this one now a days
Cost to Have it done in a shop: $300
Difficulty Level: 8 - unless you take out the manifolds, then it's a 7...
Frequency: Whenever it breaks
Tools needed: Standard ones, 10mm hex
Special tools needed: none
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How to tell if your starter is bad: My problem was, after a long trip or something, I would try and start my car, and get nothing! So I'd have to wait for the car to "cool" down or something before I could go anywhere... very frustrating.

Hacks: Some say that if you just hit it with a hammer or broom stick, you can then get it started as well.

Your starter is located on the lower part of the passenger side, near the firewall.

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1. Disconnect Battery & jack up your car. Wash the Engine first is HIGHLY recommended before this job. My arms were SO BLACK after I got done with this one, it was creepy.

2. Take our your air filter housing, and all those heat shields.

4. Taking the start out is a pain. It's is incredibly difficult. You have to unplug it, then undo a bunch of bolts. In my opinion, It would be 100X easier if you took out the intakes and exhaust manifolds. Taking out those is easy, but a pain. Pick your poison.

5. Put new one back in, plug it in, and put everything back together.